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Our Story began in 2005 when a group of

technology experts decided to build the web

based learning management system.

Solutionica's Expert


Our life

We evolve since the start of our adventure and helped many businesses across the world build their ideal application. Our expertise expands across all major web technologies, mobile platforms, and Digital Marketing. Most recently in 2014, we expand our services to include application and infrastructure security.

Automating business processes


We help business automate and Expand

By digitalizing your system and providing web presence we have helped many to increase productivity and expand beyond Geographic boundaries.

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Secret of our success

We always deliver the best outcome for our clients and build the long-term relationship, we achieve this by listening to you and value your contribution to our success.

We are experts in .net, SQL server, html5, Silverlight, PHP, jQuery and WordPress


Choice is Yours

Been the expert in all major technology platforms the choice is yours. We are here to build a solution that meets your needs on your choice of platform.

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We Take care of Technology so you can take of your business

When you choose us, we make sure that we are for all stages of your business. From building a solution to deploying and the provide the ongoing support we will take care of technology so you can take care of your business.

Collecting Customer Feedback


We don’t build customers we build family

We consider your success as ours when you choose Solutionica you choose a technology partner that care for your needs and long-term business goals.

Hire a team not individual


Hire the experts, not a Freelancer

When you hire us to do the job, you hire a team of industry certified experts in wide range of technologies, not a Solo developer sitting in the garage. Our staff expand across five different time zones to provide round the clock support.

Online Learning and skill development


Continues Professional Development

Technology changes at a very fast pace and to be the leader we invest in our teams continues professional development. When you talk to our team member you get to meet a well-educated expert in the field.

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Suite 15, 103 George Street Parramatta NSW 2150

1300 799 535