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May 28th, 2018

Simple E-Commerce let you sell blinds, shutters, curtain, doors and windows online. Expand beyond geographic boundaries and Offer your customers a real authentic shopping experience online. Simple E-Commerce let your customer tailor build their next interior order online. Our smart feature control lets your customers select size, material, colour, orientation, panels, hinges and all other features with the simple click and drag. Furthermore, your customer can see their selection in real time online, the smart swatch automatically applies material and colour to the product image to provide a real authentic preview of the product.

The simple E-Commerce product management module is a blind expert, the build in control enforce all the manufacturing and fitting conditions when providing options to the website visitor, for example, product module can enforce the minimum width required for a certain number of panels shutter, it will only offer the option when the conditions are satisfied. Simple E-Commerce ensures that you never get the incorrect order specification while letting your customer select the desired options in a straightforward way.

Simple E-Commerce price module lets you control the product price base on the material, colours, and add-on features like lock type, chain colour and almost any attribute. It offers three basic price types for each attribute, a fixed price per item, per square meter, and table lookup price for blinds.

Get more orders by offering online access to your store using mobile compatible and simple shopping cart, Simple E-Commerce is designed with simplicity, simple and fast check out to ensure that your customers have no trouble in selecting desired products and placing an order online.

Simple E-Commerce is a complete solution to sell blinds online, its built-in marketing capabilities let you advertise online using Google AdWords and AdSense. It offers one-click integration with your Facebook and other social media platforms. Simple E-Commerce is 100% SEO ready, meaning search engines can easily index the content of your online store including product pricing.

Expand beyond boundaries by selling online, offer a real authentic shopping experience to your website visitors using Simple E-Commerce.

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