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Website Design

Our creative designers work closely with you to build a custom design that reflects your business and branding. If you need a unique website design with the perfect colouring and fine layout  to stand out, we are the right choice for your business.



Let’s Sketch Together

An awesome design requires expert design skills and creative minds. We have the skills and by working together with you, we can combine our creativity to sketch your business identity.



Compete with Confidence

We do not just build a design, we perform market research and competitor analysis to make sure you win the race in your industry and stand out in the crowd.



Revisions and Feedback

Even the best ideas require reviews to make them perfect. We review our draft design until it meets your desire perfectly. We offer the best of both worlds, unlimited revisions at a fixed cost.


Don’t Fit the Same Layout on Different Devices

All our designs come with mobile compatible versions. Don’t fit the same layout on different devices let us tailor your site for all major devices to provide smooth and friendly experience for your website visitors.

Do you need one of the following


Website Development

Solutionica has experts in all of the main technology platforms. No matter how simple or complex your website requirements are, we can deliver the expected results. We have years of expertise in developing impressive websites with interactive features and social media integration.






Need a Blog that reflects your unique identity. Our experts can customise your existing blog or set up a new one to meet your specific needs.


Business Website

We have over ten years of expertise in creating professional business websites. From simple business profile sites to complete online solutions, our experts can build a website tailored specifically for your business's needs. Visit our portfolio section to see some of our amazing designs.


Online Store

We have helped hundreds of businesses become established online. Our expertise goes beyond simply setting up an e-commerce site. Our online solution is much more than a product catalogue and shopping cart, as we build a solution tailored to for business. For more information on how we can help your business expand online check out our Online Store Solution.


Word Press

Our Word Press team is capable of not only installing themes and configuring word press but also fully customising and building complex layouts and features on standard Word Press deployment. If you are looking to setup a new site or provide a professional look to an existing deployment, we are here to help. If you are not able to find a plugin or features that meet your needs, we will build one for you.




Mobile Responsive

Offer your mobile device visitors a smooth and friendly experience with the mobile responsive site. More than half the internet traffic originates from tablets and mobile devices, thus, creating the need for a website that is mobile friendly. For more information, talk to an expert to make your site mobile responsive.


Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is crucial for your online success, and we ensure that your site is fully integrated with all social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube and Google My Business. We make sure your website is search engine friendly and accessible by all major search engines. Contact us for a complementary website gap analysis report.


Our online store solution is more than website, it’s a secure business solution that let you run your business online in a perfect way.



 Impressive Design

 Interactive Product Catalogue

 Stock Management

 Multiple Product Images

 Display special offers

 Discount Vouchers

 Payment Gateway Integration

 PCI Compliance

 SSL certificate

 Social Media Integration

 Custom Branding

 Order Tracking

 Delivery Tracking

 Marketing Email Integration




Online Store

We provide a complete solution for your online shop, from product management and customer engagement to order and postal delivery. We offer fully customised solution packs with a bundle of tools to provide security, marketing, order management, payment processing, postal tracking and inventory management.

Stock Management

Our online store provides complete control over how you would like to manage your product catalogues. We customise the product information and inventory management according to your needs. We provide you with the opportunity to display your stock in interactive image boxes with a 360-degree view and a complete inventory management solution.





Social Media Integration

Get more likes and comments while letting your customers log in to your website using their social media account. Our social media integration module does more than linking your Facebook page, it saves your clients from remembering another password and expands your social presence.



Payment Processing

Choose any payment gateway of your choice or choose more than one to provide your customers with greater options. Our solution allows you to connect all major payment process systems without any hassle.



Security Certificate (SSL)

Let your visitors know that they are shopping on a secure website by displaying the green bar. A security certificate protects your customer identity and financial data by encrypting it during transmission from their computer to your web server.


Compliance and Security

Let us take care of the complex compliance requirements and consumer laws. Our solution is built with compliance and security considerations. We offer ongoing maintenance to ensure your store is in line with the industry standards and security.



Web Application

We have helped businesses build new applications and expand their existing solutions. We offer application development services to both B2C and B2B clients, including established software companies.




Our Expertise

We have helped many businesses complete their project from analysis to deployment. We can work on every aspect of your next project or take care of certain aspects.



System Analysis & Design

Our experts can work with you to analyse system requirements and design a solution for your business. We can assist you in building the perfect solution and in preparing necessary documentations including flow diagrams, entity relationships, user cases and data structure.



User Interface (UI)

We can deliver a simple, secure and perfect user interface for your application. From design to complete programming, we will take care of all aspects. Let us deliver a friendly interface that meets all your functional requirements.



Database Design

Need help with designing a reliable and well scalable database schema in MYSQL or MSSQL, we have industry certified experienced DBAs. No matter how complex your data relationship and reporting requirements are, we will meet your needs.




Testing & Debugging

We can offer an expert helping hand in application testing for both functional and security. Our testing team can simulate real life user cases to ensure the reliability of your application before you deploy a system in production. We do not just find bugs we can also help you fix them.



Data Migration

We are experts in seamless application migration. No matter how different your applications are, we can build the bridges to migrate data without impacting your production.



Post Deployment Support

Deploying a new system? Let us take care of user documentations, interactive videos and training for your new system. Our trained staff can provide ongoing help-desk support for your applications and reduce your IT support cost.

Getting clicks is simple but getting the clicks that matter and provide growth is what we do.




Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click (PPC) is the fastest way to gain traffic to your website. While anyone can set up an AdWords account with Google and start paying for the clicks not everyone can deliver the results. We ensure that every dollar spent on your PPC is spent wisely and can deliver return on investment.



Pay for the Keywords that Deliver

Choosing the right keywords and selecting the appropriate audience to deliver a return on investment is important. Our digital marketing experts will select keywords that deliver the right audience by going through a deep analysis. We continue to monitor the progress of each individual keyword and fine tune your campaign to maximise the return on investment.


You Do Not Need Trrafic, You Need Customers

We understand that your business needs conversations not the number of clicks and that's why we work hard to select the correct target audience for your business. Additionally, by filtering the irrelevant searches we ensure that your AdWords bring prospect customers to your business and improve your ROI.


Deliver a First Impression that keep them Browsing

Most website visitors make their decision in a split second. If you do not make a good first impression you will pay for the click and lose the prospect lead. We will custom create a landing page for each of your campaign to deliver a higher conversion by creating an awesome first impression.





Our state of the art reporting system does not just display the number of clicks and regions, we also provide comprehensive reporting on individual visitors and trends.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)


Thinking of SEO for your website, take advantage of our complimentary SEO gap analysis report for your website.



SEO begins by building a SEO friendly website that is accessible by search engine bots. We provide a comprehensive SEO service including correct keywords, meta description, titles, page compression, links and related tags to deliver 100% SEO friendly website.




Directory Indexing

We make sure your business and website is registered with all the major business marketing sites through ensuring that the right keywords and tags are implemented to deliver prospect customers.



Building your Online Network

Link building is a vital part of off page search engine, more and more reputable websites and social media feeds mean better ranking. We build in content white label links that deliver long term sustainable improve ranking score.



Content is what Search Engines are After

Search Engine Optimisation can deliver thousands and even millions of visitors to your site at no PPC cost. Building a strong online reputation and delivering valuable content is the only way to the top of the search engine result. We deliver the best content and marketing material that is useful for your target audience.

Social Media Marketing

We don’t just create Buzz we find and tap into feeds that are relevant to your products and services.



Social Media Marketing (MMS) is a key to achieving a successful online business. We help expand your social presence and increase customer engagement using the state of the art tools and knowledge. 



Gain a Unique Advantage over your Competitors

When you choose Solutionica for your MMS campaign, we don’t just set up social media pages and post unrelated material, we plan, build and execute a blue print to achieve a successful outcome.



Set your Goal Post and we will Goal for you

We let you decide the key objectives for your social media marketing and we will kickstart the game using our years of experience and best tools of the trade.




We do more than Posting

We use state of the art tools to find the relevant buzz feeds and engage on your behalf. We do this with the aim of finding the right audience and encouraging them to land on your page.


Need to Expand your Fans Club

We can get you more likes and comments for the excellent service you provide. Let’s get started and tell the world about your awesome products and services.



Visibility and Transparency

Like all our services we provide comprehensive reporting and campaign insight data to keep you informed of the value we add to your business.




Protect your Reputation by Keeping your Site Clean


Website Malware Protection

We protect your website from malware injection and black listing by regularly scanning it for viruses. Hackers are increasingly implementing malware injection, through using reputable websites to spread viruses. Don’t let your business reputation compromise by protecting your website visitors from nasty viruses.



Avoid Getting Blocked by Search Engines

Malware infection causes reputation damage and results in getting your site black listed by search engines like Google. Our malware protection team will ensure that your website stays white listed by all search engines.




Stay Clean 24/7/365

Our malware protection solution continuedly scans your website for viruses and makes sure that your website is always clean.




Let us Fix Things for you

If you have been a victim of virus attack and your website is infected, we can clean your website from all infections and get it removed from black lists within 24 hours.




Trade Online with Confidence

When we manage your website security we will place Secure Seal to let your visitors know that your website is safe.



We Don’t let the Hacker Hack you

We are partnered with leading website protection and firewall vendors to ensure that your website stays protected.

Website Firewall

Website have vulnerabilities in their code and server, which are attackers exploit in an effort to compromise your site. A successful attack can deface a website or make it unavailable to its audience. While it is almost impossible to keep your website and server free from all vulnerabilities it is possible to avoid exploitation by adding firewall protection.



Limit your Exposure

Our security solution limits your exposure by restricting the access to relevant GEO Locations. GEO control reduces your risk and exposure by keeping hackers away from the countries where you have no business.



Restrict Admin Access

Our security solution further reduces your exposure by restricting privilege access to your website from known locations and IP addresses.


Stop Denial of Service Attacks (DDOS)

Our state of the art firewall use the most advanced algorithm to scan incoming traffic and identify malicious requests using global behaviour databases and attack databases. This process ensures that only the legitimate users gain access to your website.



Virtual Patch and Mitigation

If your hosting provider or developer may not be able to update the code and server, our firewall system will make sure you are protected. Our firewall gets updated with the latest vulnerability signatures in a real time for all known threats. This capability allows us to stop attacks even if your website and server has vulnerabilities.



Complete Visibility

Our comprehensive reporting system lets you view the attack data in a real time. You can view the IPs, countries and devices of the attackers.




Discover Your Weaknesses Before Your Enemies Exploit them



Website Security Gap Analysis

IOur Gap Analysis service keep you informed of all known vulnerabilities in your Web Application and infrastructure. Our security experts can perform a gap analysis to discover vulnerabilities in your application code and infrastructure. Our Gap Analysis report provides complete detail about every vulnerability with the risk level and instruction on how to mitigate (remove) it.



Compliance Testing

If your business needs to be compliant with a security standard Including PCI and HIPPA, our certified security professionals can perform your regular compliance and penetration testing.




Let us Take Care of your Security Headaches

Solutionica lets you free of all headaches. We will patch, update, mitigate and manage your Web Application Security with the SLA grantee and comprehensive reporting on your security posture on a regular basis.

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