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Website Security Shield

Website Firewall

Website have vulnerabilities in their code and server, which are attackers exploit in an effort to compromise your site. A successful attack can deface a website or make it unavailable to its audience. While it is almost impossible to keep your website and server free from all vulnerabilities it is possible to avoid exploitation by adding firewall protection.

Limiting Website Security Exposure



Limit Your Exposure

Our security solution limits your exposure by restricting the access to relevant GEO Locations. GEO control reduces your risk and exposure by keeping hackers away from the countries where you have no business.

Restricting CMS Admin Access



Restrict Admin Access

Our security solution further reduces your exposure by restricting privilege access to your website from known locations and IP addresses.

Protecting against Denial of Service DDOS Attacks


Stop Denial of Service Attacks (DDOS)

Our state of the art firewall use the most advanced algorithm to scan incoming traffic and identify malicious requests using global behaviour databases and attack databases. This process ensures that only the legitimate users gain access to your website.

Provide virtual patching for known vulnerabilities



Virtual Patch and Mitigation

If your hosting provider or developer may not be able to update the code and server, our firewall system will make sure you are protected. Our firewall gets updated with the latest vulnerability signatures in a real time for all known threats. This capability allows us to stop attacks even if your website and server has vulnerabilities.

Complete Visibility through Dashboard



Complete Visibility

Our comprehensive reporting system lets you view the attack data in a real time. You can view the IPs, countries and devices of the attackers.

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